Pro Tips for League of Legends

Pro Tips for League of Legends

Now that the tool for making money has been identified and tested, it’s time to listen to and adopt some simple but extremely effective advice. Each of these tips is not capable of bringing you victory on its own, but a combination of all can significantly increase your chances.

No One Can Win Constantly

No one can always win, so the ancient truth says. The wisdom of ancient philosophers is more than applicable to the modern world of League of Legends betting. A stand-alone esports League of Legends match is a complete lottery, a celebration of luck, random numbers, and ridiculous coincidences.

The weaker team overcomes, the stronger one, the outspoken favorite loses to the outsider with a crushing score. A historically intense collective experiences internal difficulties and has lost its former unity, as a result of which it suffers one humiliating defeat after another. A strong team in great shape loses a minor pass-through League of Legends match due to the abundance of simultaneous tournaments.

This all sounds insanely familiar, doesn’t it? To succeed in League of Legends betting, you must always keep these points in mind. It must be remembered that it is impossible to predict every specific match, but a professional analyst will still be in the black over the long run.

Avoid Losing Streaks

Avoid a losing streak during your League of Legends betting experience. After an offensive loss, League of Legends bets on the brink sometimes want to win back as soon as possible, return the flop and turn defeat into a quick win. This is a deceiving and insidious emotion that you must learn to notice and suppress as soon as possible. Decisions dictated by the desire to recoup as quickly as possible inevitably entail new mistakes. New mistakes will almost certainly result in more money being lost and even more frustrating.

Learn to stop in time. Learn to fail. The tilt loop only leads to additional anger and new losses. If you have lost and feel that you are losing your mental clarity, you better stop. Take a break for several hours or days. Start with renewed vigor, forgetting about what happened the day before. It can be excruciatingly difficult, but it is necessary.

Watch Regional Tournaments

Watching local League of Legends esports matches is nowhere near as exciting as watching grand finals and major events. However, this is often the key to a complete and comprehensive understanding of the current meta lies. For unconditional possession of information, it is necessary to understand the strengths of each team fully.

We are not talking about the need to track all teams up to the third division. We are talking about the need to understand the current form of strong teams – and nothing demonstrates the current state of the team to the viewer better than the battles of teams familiar to each other at regional tournaments. This is critical for successful League of Legends betting.

League of Legends Tips and Advice

Team Current Form

Among the popular pro tips for League of Legends, an analysis of the team’s current form is often found – and it is located here for a reason. The team’s current form can tell the analyst much more than its glorious past and past victories. There can be many reasons for losing in the League of Legends betting world. Real art consists of isolating among the abundance of these reasons, precisely those relevant in a particular match framework.

When analyzing the current form of a team, you should definitely pay attention to several of the following factors:

  • The number of concurrent tournaments. Even a strong team, which tries to perform everywhere at the same time and immediately inexorably catch tilt, gets into jet lag and does not have time to adapt to a too rapidly changing environment.
  • Recent performances. A series of convincing victories in the last five games in the current meta can show how well the team understands the current patch’s nuances and can use them competently. An unconvincing game or even a series of defeats, on the contrary, can demonstrate that something is very wrong with the team.
  • Meta strategies. Some strategies lose their relevance after a new patch. New ones invariably appear. The team’s ability to use the most modern and optimized strategies unmistakably indicates that the team is ready to win and is in great shape.
  • Current line-up. Loss of the team’s core or frequent substitutions are usually indicators of team discord. Even if such discord is not very noticeable in a fight against weaker opponents, it will become a severe problem in decisive matches.
  • Macro tactics and micro-control. The combination of personal skills and teamwork is the most significant and noticeable factor. If the players do not play games, even the manners that have shown themselves perfectly in the past do not work in practice, then this is a sure sign to reflect and hold the League of Legends bet.

Personal History

Personal history is an equally important parameter for a successful attempt to determine the winner in the history of the two teams’ personal meetings. In League of Legends esports, a stronger team is not uncommon to consistently lose to a weaker one. This is called a “difficult opponent,” and a team that tears apart favorites one after another is quite capable of suddenly losing to an outspoken underdog.

This can be due to the personal preparation of the outsider for the strategy of a certain favorite. It can be since a particular team from the regional league knows the other’s strengths and weaknesses and has them fully exploited.

My idea is that an intelligent analysis of the history of teams’ personal meetings can give an analyst more information than the opinion of a whole studio of commentators and the odds set by bookmakers taken together.